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Revlon So Fierce Big Bad Lash NWP Blackest Black

Revlon So Fierce Big Bad Lash NWP Blackest Black

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Product Description:

Revlon's So Fierce Big Bad Lash NWP in 760 Blackest Black is your ultimate secret weapon for dramatic, show-stopping eyelashes. Unleash the power of bold and beautiful lashes with this 10ml mascara that promises to redefine your eye makeup game. Whether you're going for a sultry, smoky look or a vibrant, intense gaze, this mascara will help you achieve it effortlessly.


  1. Intense Black Pigmentation: This mascara boasts the deepest black shade, ensuring that your lashes are as dark as night. The Blackest Black hue adds an extra layer of drama to your eyes, making them pop with irresistible allure.

  2. Big Bad Volume: Revlon's innovative formula is designed to deliver exceptional volume to your lashes. The brush captures and coats every lash, creating a bold, voluminous look that's impossible to ignore.

  3. No-Clump Formula: Say goodbye to unsightly clumps with our unique, clump-resistant formula. Each application separates and defines your lashes, leaving them looking long, full, and beautifully fanned out.

  4. Long-Lasting Wear: So Fierce Big Bad Lash NWP is not only intense but also long-lasting. You can trust this mascara to stay put all day or night, ensuring your lashes remain bold and striking from morning until your last farewell.

  5. Lash Conditioning: In addition to enhancing your lashes' visual appeal, this mascara is infused with nourishing ingredients to help keep your lashes healthy. It provides care and protection to your lashes, promoting their overall well-being while you showcase their splendor.

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