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Revlon So Fierce Wide Open Mascara NWP Blackest Black

Revlon So Fierce Wide Open Mascara NWP Blackest Black

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Product Description:

Revlon So Fierce Blackest Black 101 in the stunning shade " Eyes Wide Open Mascara." Unleash the power of your lashes and experience a mascara like no other. With a generous 7ml of product, this mascara is designed to open up your eyes and elevate your overall makeup game.


  1. Ultimate Intensity: So Fierce Eyes Wide Open Mascara delivers an intense, deep black shade that defines and darkens your lashes to perfection. Your eyes will instantly pop with captivating intensity, making them the center of attention.

  2. Length and Volume: Get ready for dramatic results as this mascara coats every single lash, from root to tip. It imparts incredible length and volume, giving you the appearance of full, luxurious lashes that stand out.

  3. Wide-Open Effect: The revolutionary brush design and formula work together to create a wide-open effect that enhances the appearance of your eyes. Your lashes will appear fanned out and beautifully separated, making your eyes look larger and more captivating.

  4. Smudge-Resistant: We understand the importance of long-lasting wear. So Fierce Eyes Wide Open Mascara is smudge-resistant, ensuring that your mascara stays in place throughout the day, no matter where your adventures take you.

  5. All-Day Wear: Enjoy the confidence of knowing your lashes are at their best all day long. This mascara is formulated to stay put without flaking or clumping, so you can go about your day without worrying about touch-ups.

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