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Alama Professional

Alama Professional No Yellow Extreme Soft & Shine Instant Silk Effective Leave in

Alama Professional No Yellow Extreme Soft & Shine Instant Silk Effective Leave in

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Product Description:

Alama No Yellow Spray with Keratin is a revolutionary hair care solution designed to cater to the unique needs of blonde and silver hair. This 100ml spray is specially formulated to neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy tones while infusing your hair with the nourishing power of keratin. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless blonde locks and hello to vibrant, salon-quality results instantly.


  1. Immediate Neutralization: The Alama No Yellow Spray works its magic instantaneously. With just a few spritzes, it neutralizes yellow and brassy undertones in your hair, leaving you with a cool, ashy, and beautifully toned blonde look.

  2. Keratin-Infused Brilliance: This spray doesn't just banish brassiness; it also nourishes and strengthens your hair. The keratin infusion helps repair and protect your hair, leaving it with a glossy and radiant finish.

  3. No Mess, No Fuss: Applying this spray is a breeze. The convenient 100ml bottle allows for easy and precise application. Spray on dry or damp hair, and you're ready to roll. No need to rinse or mix with other products.

  4. Long-Lasting Effects: Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups. The effects of the Alama No Yellow Blonde Immediate Effect Spray last, helping you maintain your preferred blonde shade for an extended period. Enjoy consistent color and vibrancy between salon visits.

  5. Versatile Application: Not just for blondes, this spray can also be used by those with silver or gray hair. It caters to a wide range of light hair shades, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of neutralization and keratin infusion regardless of your specific color.

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