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BENETTON Benetton Live Free Women Edt 80Ml

BENETTON Benetton Live Free Women Edt 80Ml

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Product Description:


Benetton's United Dreams Live Free Women is an exhilarating fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of freedom and individuality. This 80ml Eau de Toilette is a vibrant olfactory journey, carefully crafted to enhance your daily experience with a burst of invigorating scents.


  1. Long-Lasting Freshness: United Dreams Live Free Women ensures a long-lasting burst of freshness, keeping you revitalized and energized throughout the day.

  2. Versatile Fragrance Profile: The diverse blend of fruity and floral notes makes this EDT suitable for various occasions, from daytime adventures to evening escapades.

  3. Confidence-Boosting Elegance: The floral undertones add a touch of sophistication, enhancing your confidence and leaving a memorable impression wherever you go.

  4. Expressive Individuality: This fragrance is a statement of individuality and freedom, allowing you to express your unique personality with every spritz.

  5. Thoughtfully Crafted by Benetton: With the renowned craftsmanship of Benetton, United Dreams Live Free Women is a high-quality fragrance that reflects the brand's commitment to creating products that inspire and uplift.

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