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Maybelline Clear Smooth- AIO R2018 REF 02 grm

Maybelline Clear Smooth- AIO R2018 REF 02 grm

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Product Description:

Maybelline's Clear Smooth All In One Powder Foundation is a versatile beauty essential that effortlessly enhances your skin's beauty. This lightweight powder glides on smoothly, providing buildable coverage that lets your skin breathe while giving you a polished look. The 02 Nude Beige shade is designed to complement a variety of skin tones, ensuring a seamless blend for a radiant finish.


  1. Smooth and Flawless Coverage: This powder foundation delivers a smooth and flawless coverage that minimizes the appearance of imperfections, giving you a naturally airbrushed look.

  2. All-Day Shine Control: Formulated with oil-absorbing ingredients, this foundation keeps excess shine at bay throughout the day, leaving your skin looking fresh and matte.

  3. UV Protection: Maybelline cares for your skin's health. Clear Smooth All In One Powder Foundation is enriched with SPF to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, providing an added layer of protection for your daily adventures.

  4. Hydrating Formula: Experience the perfect balance between coverage and hydration. The foundation's formula is infused with moisturizing elements, ensuring that your skin remains comfortable and hydrated, preventing a dry or cakey appearance.

  5. Buildable and Blendable: Whether you prefer a light, natural look or a more polished finish, this powder foundation is easily buildable and blendable, allowing you to customize your coverage for any occasion.

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