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Revlon Professional

Revlon Professional CROMATICS C 46 60 ml

Revlon Professional CROMATICS C 46 60 ml

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  1. Long-Lasting Color: Revlonissimo Cromatics C 46 may offer a long-lasting color that resists fading, helping you maintain your desired hair shade for an extended period.

  2. Vibrant Shine: This hair color might provide a vibrant, glossy shine to your hair, giving it a healthy and lustrous appearance.

  3. Ammonia-Free Formula: Many modern hair color products strive to minimize the use of ammonia, which can be harsh on hair. If Cromatics C 46 is ammonia-free, it may be a gentler option for coloring your hair.

  4. Gray Coverage: If you have gray hair or roots that you want to conceal, this product may offer effective gray coverage, giving you a more uniform color result.

  5. Easy Application: Revlonissimo Cromatics C 46 might come with an easy-to-use application process that allows you to color your hair at home, saving you time and money compared to salon visits.

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