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The Balm

The Balm Lid Quid Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadow Rose

The Balm Lid Quid Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadow Rose

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Product Description:

THE BALM's Sparkling Lid Quid Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose is a must-have for anyone seeking to add a touch of glamour to their eye makeup routine. The smooth and lightweight formula glides effortlessly onto the lids, providing an intense burst of colour with a high-shine, multidimensional finish. The rose hue adds a romantic and sophisticated flair to your look, perfect for both daytime elegance and evening allure.


  1. Long-Lasting Radiance: This liquid eyeshadow boasts a long-lasting formula that stays vibrant and dazzling throughout the day and night. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your eye makeup will remain impeccable from morning to evening.

  2. Versatile Application: The Sparkling Lid Quid can be applied with ease using the convenient applicator. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or a bold, statement look, the buildable formula allows for versatile application to suit any occasion.

  3. Crease-Resistant Formula: Bid farewell to creased eyeshadow woes. The innovative formula of this liquid eyeshadow ensures a crease-resistant finish, maintaining a flawless look without the need for touch-ups.

  4. Easy to Blend: Achieve seamless, professional-looking eye makeup effortlessly. The eyeshadow's blendable texture allows for easy application and blending, making it suitable for both makeup beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

  5. Skin-Friendly Ingredients: THE BALM prioritizes your skin's well-being. The Sparkling Lid Quid Liquid Eyeshadow is crafted with skin-friendly ingredients, ensuring a gentle application that is suitable for all skin types. Indulge in the world of vibrant eyeshadow without compromising on skin health.

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