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Yves Saint Laurent Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Perfume YSL BODY KOUROS EDT 100ML

Yves Saint Laurent Perfume YSL BODY KOUROS EDT 100ML

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Product Description:

Introducing Yves Saint Laurent's BODY KOUROS Eau de Toilette in a generous 100ml bottle. This signature fragrance is a captivating blend of aromatic notes designed to embody strength, sensuality, and timeless allure. Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey that seamlessly fuses tradition with modernity, leaving an indelible impression.


  1. Powerful Aromatics: BODY KOUROS EDT opens with a powerful burst of energizing notes, creating an immediate impact and a lasting aromatic trail.

  2. Sensual Undertones: The heart of this fragrance reveals a rich blend of warm, sensual accords, evoking a sense of confidence and allure that lasts throughout the day.

  3. Long-lasting Fragrance: Enjoy the luxury of a long-lasting fragrance that adapts and evolves, ensuring you stay effortlessly captivating from morning to night.

  4. Versatile Appeal: Perfect for any occasion, the versatile nature of BODY KOUROS makes it suitable for both daytime sophistication and nighttime glamour.

  5. Elegantly Masculine: The Yves Saint Laurent signature is embodied in the fragrance's elegantly masculine character, making it a timeless addition to any man's grooming routine.

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